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14.06.2011: Headlines in Romania in May and June 2011

Headlines in Romania in May and June 2011

Fraud of customers of service stations The Romanian customs has launched an investigation of the service stations of the Romanian Petrom which allegedly have embezzled 1.5 liters per customer, but invoiced yet.

Legal slavery
More and more children, often barefoot, are transported to Germany in order to beg in the streets. Since 2007 even Romanians are allowed to immigrate unrestrictedly.

The leap
An electrician, (42), father of two children, has thrown himself from a balcony of the Romanian parliament in Bucharest during a parliamentary session and repeatedly shouted the word "freedom". He wanted to draw attention to his economic living situation. More and more Romanians are desperate about living conditions in Romania being a member of the European Union since 2007.

Orthodox and Roman-Catholic church are siblings
Even the Catholic Church had its informers working for the Securitate. The Catholic archbishop Robu has explained to the press that actually the priests being informers are the victims. Knowing that even confessional secrets were revealed to the Securitate this attitude of a bishop is more than cynical. Because Father Don Demidoff has been claiming and publishing for years that Robu was a member of the Securitate, he is leading an unbelievable campaign against the Father via the German Catholic Bishops' Conference even anonymously on the internet.

The new human in communism
Corruption and duplicity were morally legitimate during Romanian communism and are still practiced and accepted in society 20 years after the so called revolution. The "new type of human" created by communism, only accepted in collectivism, still practices conformism and subversion. Thus, even the future generations are bound to this system again.

Human rights in Romania
Corruption of the police and brutality, especially against the native gypsy (Roma) minority, a strongly politically influenced jurisdiction, Third World conditions in the Romanian prisons, and corruption on administration and even government level are the most serious grievances in Romania, according to the US State Department. Since the borders in Europe have been opened even Germany has no longer been spared from corruption, inconceivable for decades.

Poverty riot
Roma children are often forced to get married at the age of 9 or 10, consequence of illiteracy and immeasurable poverty. It is feared that in future there will be grave riots of beggars.

Inferior patients
In Romania are often the victims of the impertinence and attitude of the medical staff. Still patients are chained to their beds and treated like inferior beings. Only those who are able to pay enough Euros can demand necessary operations.

East Europeans only second-class consumers?
The food makers Coca Cola, Nestle and Jacobs use ingredients of an inferior quality for their products in Romania and Bulgaria than on the established Western European markets. These products are even more expensive. The Austrian Fanta tastes better, German fragrances evaporate more slowly and there is more detergence in the washing powder over there. Instead of helping here by its products, the West even denies any respect for the people in Eastern Europe.



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Basilica 14th century

Place of silence and meditation

20 years in Romania - in vain
The Romanian newspaper "Dilema Veche" reports about the great distrust of people towards the actions of politicians. "We have not learned anything", the newspaper writes, "and we are not cured from communism yet. Even decent people now have adopted the perverse logic of the old system." People believe that there is something hidden behind every gesture and every sentence.
Father Don Demidoff, author of this newsletter, has permanently experienced this during the last 20 years until today. Thus, according to the media he was spy, terrorist and dealer for children's organs. Three times his life was threatened by attempts on his life. In Romania the motto still is: "doing good means using a folding screen in order to hide something". 

Order his biography "Der Dornenpriester" (Priest of Thorns)

Pseudo reform of the national energy giant
The ambassador of the U. S. Gitenstein has torn the Romanian pseudo reform to pieces. It seemed like "re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic".

Romanian unions are corrupt
The leader of the biggest Romanian union, Marius Petcu, was caught collecting bribe money of 40,000 Euro from a builder. The union has always been a loyal ally of the communist party. Many union leaders now are even rich business people.

Protest marches against abortion
With 150,000 abortions Romania got third place in the ranking of the European Union member states last year. After decades of abortion ban during dictatorship now the number of abortions has become excessive in Romania. Two dozens of NGO's have demonstrated "for life" in several towns.
I am a child conceived for life

Biting stray dogs
The health administration in Bucharest is worried about the growing number of biting stray dogs. 1,500 Bucharest citizens have been bitten by straying dogs during the last two months, primarily women and children. In total, 13,220 persons had to be treated medically due to bite injuries. Millions of EU money have already been "invested" in completely unsuccessful castration projects never having taken place and therewith embezzled. An appropriate solution still seems to be light-years away.

No sanctions at all for former Securitate informers
Senator Dan Voiculescu does not need to be worried about his future. Although the Supreme Court has confirmed his work for the Securitate, he is allowed to remain vice president of the Romanian senate.

Romania eases adoption law
In future abandoned children are allowed to be adopted already after a one-year period within Romania. Currently, there are 67,000 children in foster care, respectively in the children's protection system, 23,000 of them in orphanages. Adoptions abroad are prohibited due to the sale of children after the "revolution".

Housing without toilets
For most of the Romanians the daily bitter reality. 40 % of the apartments do not have a toilet. Just as many neither have a bathroom nor a shower within their apartment. 22 % of the people have to live in dwellings with roofs in danger of collapsing or leaky. 80 % of the children under 14 do not have their own room. In the gypsy dwellings often up to 14 people live in a shed with one room. In Germany pigs have better living conditions.

At first witchcraft had been acknowledged as a legal profession but this was revoked by the Romanian parliament now. Currently, there are about 4,000 practicing witches in Romania.

Top official arrested due to bribery
Nicolae Avrian Gavrila, a top official of the Romanian tax administration, was arrested.  He had collected 1.8 million Euro bribe money in total. Custody lasted 24 hours. Whether he will ever see the prison again can be doubted. On the other hand, there are the thieves who due to their starving children have stolen a chicken or a sack of potatoes and therefore have to serve prison terms between 4 and 7 years.

Father Don Demidoff has been appointed by the National Administration of Penitentiary to give religious assistance and support for re-socialization to the inmates of 13 Romanian prisons. He has not met any rich people in prison yet.

Wage slaves' sweat
The Duchess Kate, just married to the British heir to the throne William, did not know that the camel dress she wore on the occasion of President Obama's reception is from a sweatshop in Romania, where the seamstresses earn 1.15 Euro per hour. You find this shack with barred windows in a poor suburb of Bucharest, the company grounds protected by heavy metal fences. The manufacturing of Kate's dress costs 17 Euro, you have to pay the twelvefold = 200 Euro, when buying it at Reiss in Great Britain. According to the seamstresses the temperature is more than 30 °C during summer and more and more companies from Western Europe have their textile fabrics manufactured there.

Iliescu attacks European Court of Human Rights
The old communist and successor of the dictator is hopping mad about the European Court of Human Rights. Much to the chagrin of the 80-year-old former president the court in Strasbourg has decided that the crimes of the revolution in Romania do not come under the statute of limitation. Iliescu attacked the European Court of Human Rights to be "out of touch with reality" and "beyond the historic facts".

Slap in the face of Bucharest
The admission of Romania to the Schengen Convention has been postponed. It is planned that police officers from other EU countries carry out the duties at the Romanian and Bulgarian borders. A slap in the face of the never ending corruption in the never ending communism. Mainly France, Germany and the Netherlands have blocked the admission of Romania.

Newspapers in Romania are vanishing
More and more daily newspapers have to stop their publications - not least because more than 2 million Romanians have emigrated.

Auction off the Casa Don Bosco?
The Romanian state wants to auction off the Casa Don Bosco and extinguish it. From 1990 to 2005 the home for abandoned children was run down by orphans. A staff of more than 100 was necessary in order to grant protection and education for these children. Even as acknowledged non-profit foundation personnel and social security contributions had to be paid. These could not be secured by donations, although the Romanian state is responsible for its children. According to the mafia methods of the state there have to be paid default charges since 2005 based on 30,000 Euro which have been amounted to 100,000 Euro now. There was no chance to win a lawsuit through all instances, as a corrupt state also has corrupt laws. Generally corrupt states have the most laws, in order to use them legally for corruption. The foundation asks for help and intervention.

Olympia in Bucharest?
The mayor of Bucharest Oprescu has built a sports arena and he wants to build three other ones and he wants to get the Olympic Games 2020 to Bucharest, while most of the people are starving and living below the poverty line.

Swiss measures against Romanians
According to reports of the Swiss press the freedom of movement for Romanians in Switzerland shall be revoked, certainly until 2014. For Polish and Hungarian citizens the freedom of movement shall remain in force.

Old communists establish a new left-wing party
The old communists disappeared in the Social Democratic Party establish a new left-wing party. "Time has come for a new formula and a Left more left", said the former communist students' leader Tudor Mohara.

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