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21.04.2011: Easter 2011

Easter is the future of men. At that time he once again becomes the human being planned.

August Everding

Happy Easter and Thank you very much for your wonderful constancy.

Yours faithfully,

Father Don

Please make some minutes for my picture book

You do not find new ways by waiting for others

There is nothing more pleasant than somebody knocking at the door just when we believe to be abandoned by the whole world

1984: The title of the Dutch „Telegraaf“

Father Don: his cathedral is the main station (Centraal-Station). Here the street children (zwerfjeugd) waited for him, mainly boys and girls who prostituted themselves in order to survive

Many do not have water pipes in their houses yet and still have to do the laundry in the river

Christmas 1989: the horrible dictator couple Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were executed like scabious dogs. But now many wish them back: What’s the sense of freedom, if we do not have anything to eat?

Progress only is possible, if you break the rules smartly
Thus they still live without electricity and water, sometimes up to 14 in one hut

Only the one swimming against the stream will find the spring

It is more likely that a dog stocks up with sausages than that the politicians in Romania save money or give it to those who urgently need it

Basilica XIV
Statiune Sociala
Don Bosco

Doctor’s office of the social center
Our free ambulance for poor and suffering gypsy children

In a corrupt state there are the most laws They are so poor that they are not even in a position to have their children buried in dignity, but have to bury them themselves.

Tears do not relieve distress

Please help like you have always done … You never have abandoned me during the last 20 years. Please help, so that I can help …

Children who are not loved will become adults who  do not love

If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung round their neck and they were drowned in the depths of the sea (Mt. 18,6).

Would abortion have been a solution in order to spare these children their terrible fate???
No, abortion will be at an end at the latest on our extinction

Please order the CD from Father Don: “Please Mother, do not do it”

Fire: House before and after the fire

Good pulls you on one hand,
the devil on both legs.

1996: One of the houses of our children was set on fire at night, while the children were sleeping. Despite of considerable evidence, the fire-raisers could allegedly not be determined. Thank God that none of the children was caused suffering.

Prisoners in a cell with 40 mates

Buch Ezechiel AT

For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them. As shepherds look after their scattered flocks when they are with them, so will I look after my sheep. I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered on a day of clouds and darkness. I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak, I will shepherd the flock with justice.

Father Don cares for young prisoners in 16 Romanian prisons by order of the national administration of penitentiary. They do not want to have anything to do with the churches, but they are looking for God…

I wish the children dreams wider than heaven, luck brighter than the sun, love deeper than the ocean

If you have saved one life, you have saved the whole world…

Jewish Talmud

Confession of the father

For me my personal faithful confession is vital. So I can cope with all that terrible experiences and my mistakes as well as my frequent helplessness facing these humiliated children and the awful situation of my young prisoners. A priest however who has nothing to regret is unfortunate

For example Alin ...

Alin was laid on the stairs of the Father when he was 6 months old. His mother was desperate. Today he is 18 and wants to study…

For example Alexandru….

With 6 months the Father got him out of one of these miserable huts, absolutely invalidated and ill. Today he is 21 and manages the kitchen of the guesthouse for our sponsors and investors

The first luck of a child is the knowledge to be loved For example Sabin….

He came to us with 13 years. Today he is 26. Like most of the young people he had no chance of training or a job. By “learning by doing” and an unusual lot of energy and diligence he used his chance. He has raised a family and is the technical manager of the foundation today.

If you do not have any heirs: memorialize yourself in the social center of our basilica of the XIV century, more valuable than a memorial of ore. A stone plate with your name tells of your good deeds for the maltreated children. Write to Father Don, if you want him to visit you and to talk to you:
Father Don Demidoff ICCC, Basilika,
557105 Iacobeni, Romania
Phone 0040 269 510 566

Thank you my dear true friends: finally we could buy an appropriate vehicle for the social center Don Bosco in order to feed the children in the villages around…

My life here in hell…but better drive through hell than go to the deuce

Our father in heaven, we are hungry, give us our daily bread…

More and more children and old people even in the neighbor village Agnita beg for 1 Lei = 20 Eurocent at the fathers car window. The father gives them a free coupon for a bread worth Euro 1.20.

Every human is a unique one and actually he ist he most important artwork ever
Thomas Bernhard

71 hospitals are closed, courts and schools, but no tax offices
Even being a non-profit foundation, we are asked to pay up...
People all over the country are protesting, such as in the neighboring village Agnita

Faces are reading books of life

Federico Fellini

If your soul is rich of dreams, too, which cannot be destroyed by reality, then we are soulmates, then we should be partners. Then we should make humiliated children happy with our dreams, together.

Don Bosco

Shining light of a priest and idol and master for Father Don Demidoff

Don Bosco:

For many he was uncomfortable like a spanner in the works of society and politics. He was humiliated and persecuted. His life is not a sweet legend, but a working program which today is more important than ever


Actually rich are those who have more dreams in their soul than reality can destroy

Father Don Demidoff

RO 557105 Iacobeni


Flood   Tsunami

Atomic disaster



Wailing and gnashing of the teeth

Have the Last Days already begun?

Martin Luther:

And if the world will end tomorrow, I plant an apple tree still today!

Dear friends,

stand by us truly just now. Even we will plant an apple tree for our children at the last day, as we will not be able to take anything with us...not anything...

By: DD