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February 24, 2011: Utter Silence in Romania

Quote of this newsletter

Every coward without any experience

can be an atheist today, but to be a Christian

takes something to do, indeed.

Johannes von den Dornen

For 75 days there has been utter silence in Romania

What is not reported in your media


Protests against the dramatic increase of gas
prices all over the country. Thousands of enraged
people are marching in the streets

The privileged

Romania has 21.5 million inhabitants. 7.6 million Romanians have to earn the income for 13.4 millions. In order to receive the IMF credit Romania has to reduce its budget deficit to 6.8 %. According to insiders the credit is to serve as a guarantee for the wages of the employees, i. e. for the pockets of the privileged once again.

Confessional secrets to be revealed

The National Administration of the Romanian penitentiary has concluded a protocol with the "League for Moral Standing", as the LIGA, represented by its president Father Don Demidoff, who even is the author of this newsletter, gives advice and support to the detainees in 16 Romanian prisons concerning religious assistance and questions of social rehabilitation. This obviously was not the intention of the prison of Codlea. On the occasion of his recent visit the Father was frisked unduly and according to a presented document required to report about all information from the prisoners and their families to the administration, including the confessional secrets. Background of this treatment is a series of lawsuits the LIGA has filed and still does, national ly and at the European Court of Human Rights against the administration of this one prison due to torture. Father Don Demidoff, member of the "International Council of Community Churches USA", has refused to sign this document.

The anti-torture committee

The anti-torture Committee of the Council of Europe has
visited representatives of the responsible Romanians last
year. The result of this meeting is not known, but was 
delivered to the Romanian authorities only. It is for sure
that even the so called secret prisons were discussed
which had been operated by the CIA of the US some years ago. 

Romania 2011

Waves of bankruptcies, dismissals, insolvencies
10,300 railway employees have been fired
3,600 construction companies bankrupt

50.000 straying dogs

in Bucharest. People feel sympathy for these dogs but not for the street children.
It is said that international money for the sterilization of the dogs are embezzled. A woman was bitten to death by straying dogs in Bucharest.

Justice is jammed

The Romanian constitutional court has jammed justice. Currently, nobody can be appointed on the upper levels of the courts. The logjam of the judicial system once again shows how bad and imperfect the Romanian laws are.


More than half of the Romanian
citizens say that the situation of
families is deteriorating.


In Romania park benches, dustbins, garden fences, place-name signs and many more are provided with the colors of the national flag. Romanian patriotism though ends at pains in the chest. Patriotism ends if it is about the own life. Basescu, president of the state, and high officials of the church get treated in Vienna and run from the disastrous health care system in their own country.

Colony for prisoners

Due to the overcrowding of Romanian prisons (some
are occupied with up to 40 in one cell) there shall be built
a village in the delta of the Danube by the prisoners
themselves. Supposedly the European Union does not
pay money for the building of new prisons.

Abuse of office

The head of the Romanian
gendarmerie was dismissed due
to abuse of office.


A convoluted kind of pseudo-capitalism has entrenched itself in Romania. It is no communism, but no market economy, either. The old ruling class has replaced its red costume of communism by an ideologically colourless one, wherein the old ideology is hidden. They have established a political and money mafia defeating any change of society. The spoils have been shared among them for several generations.


The multimillionaire Ion Tiriac hosts a favorite boar-hunting every year and therewith follows the hobby of the shot dictator. The death of 250 boars is adorned with prominent personage from home and abroad. From Germany there are among others Boris Becker, his tennis protégé, Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the supervisory board of the Porsche AG, in addition the mayor of the city of Monte Carlo, Klaus Mangold, former boss of Daimler-Chrysler, Austria's juice king Franz Rauch, jeweller Alfred Baumhauer of Cartier, and many more.

At the same time above all children and old people are starving. Every week the foundation Casa Don Bosco provides 200 gypsy children in several villages with bread and other food and distributes vouchers for bread to old people in the near village of Agnita.


The taxman is going to open a retailer for clothing, shoes, food, drinks and Christmas decoration. The goods are from stocks confiscated by customs and tax officers. Smuggled goods worth 32.5 million Euro had been seized.

Tax usury for humanitarian organizations

The non-governmental organizations, i. e. mainly the humanitarian aid agencies, in Romania are afraid of their end. Many of them have already given up, because the anyway bizarre taxes have to be paid now monthly instead of quarterly, as it was before. These organziations, however, work with donations, which are inconstant. The foundation Casa Don Bosco was forced to pay a tax fine of 60,000 Euro at the time when it was run down by street children and was not capable to pay the high personnel taxes of 30,000 Euros for these children in time. This is an assault on civil society.

Corruption of the customs' officers

at the boarders. More than 160 customs' officers and their head have been arrested. Customs' officers accuse the trade union leaders and the president Basescu to be participant. For 20 years the mansions of the customs' officers have sprung up like mushrooms without being prosecuted. The arrested, however, are only the executives of a mafia system being coordinated from above. Often between three and ten thousand Euros accumulated during one shift of the customs' officers. The money was collected in buckets and fur caps. Don Demidoff, the author of this newsletter has refused to pay any bribe money to whomever for 20 years. Therefore he has been, libeled, harassed and threatened to death three times during two decades.

Closure of 71 hospitals all over the country

Prime minister Boc to be toppled once again
The Romanian government is about to fold once again
More than thousand pensions are cut by 15 %,
but not the wages of the delegates.
Drastic reduction of social benefits
Wages of public staff are cut by 25 %

The patriarch

of the orthodox church in Romania "Daniel" wants to
build a "people's purification cathedral". The shell construction of this mammoth project will cost
100 million Euros, the interior further 100 - 200 millions.
Prime minister Boc has already transferred 10 million
Euros to the patriarch - in view of the increasing poverty in Romania.

Parliament does not repeal immunity of a minister

Youth minister Monica Iacob-Ridzi is accused of misappropriation of public funds and blackmail. There will be no penal proceedings, because the parliament does not repeal the immunity of the minister.

Students buy their grades

Students of the university of Jassy buy
their grades. Places in a kindergarten are bought
with bribe money, doctors refuse operations, if they
do not get money on the quiet.


France does not want Romania to be integrated into the Schengen Convention, because the country does fight corruption and criminality insufficiently only. Just the German government sees improvement in Romania, which everybody who lives here laughs about. The French Europe minister Laurent Wauqiez says that the accession of Romania would endanger the security of the European Union. Even more than half of the Romanians admit that they do not believe in the admission of Romania to the Schengen Convention and that Romania itself is to blame. German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, supports Romania's membership in the Schengen Convention without borders. In Cluj she was awarded an honorary doctorate.

Romania poorest country

According to the recent statistics of the IMF, the
International Monetary Fund, Romania is the
poorest country of the European Union. That
says everything about the living standard of the
Romanian people.


The Romanian government rejects civil partnerships, although a high percentage of the Romanian people lives together without marriage certificates.

Securitate (state security) files

Researchers complain about slow admission to the 
Securitate files. Inspection of the files is subjected
to months of waiting time and even making copies
last more than 60 days.


In Romania, more than 4,000 women
work as sorceresses. They earn five
times more than the average citizen.

Sleaze and corruption

even in the Romanian ministry of defense. High brigadiers demanded money for the qualifying examination of examinees of military schools.

The pope

is to visit Romania this year. Hopefully, he
has the courage to mention the grievances
in this country and to be the advocate for the
impoverished population.


The voice VoxPublica notes nostalgia for the shot dictator Ceausescu. In those days there had been a guarantee for living, job and a free accommodation. Freedom was not worth a cent, if there is nothing but bankruptcy all over.


President Basescu has assured the OSCE commissioner for national minorities that the integration of the gypsies is currently the most sensitive issue in Romania. The EU money for the Roma are not called, though. The reason is envy, if there is more investment in Roma (gypsies) than in Romanians. But Roma families live under conditions which would not even be allowed for pigs in Germany.

Teachers are on strike

against reduction of wages. 2,000 of them stayed
away from lessons. Once again the pupils get the
short end of the stick.

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