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16. August 2010: Romanians want their dictator back?

If there were elections now, 41 % of the Romanians would vote for the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who was executed together with his wife in 1989. The current president Basescu calling himself a liberal democrat would win 19 % of the vote only. Due to his motto “so that you may live at ease” Basescu had taken office for the second time with 51 % of the vote in 2009. But he has more than disappointed and disillusioned his people. 63 % of the Romanians claim that they have had a vastly better life under communism: “we did not have freedom, but we had bread and work”. The majority of the respondents even says that “they regret the collapse of communism”.

Nostalgia for an ideological brain washing

Even 80 % of the respondents regard the lawsuit against Ceausescu as unfair and – believe it or not – 68 % want those who executed him to be punished. True is that the trick of the communists to make Romania appear democratic overnight by a coup d’état was silly and purposely bovine.
The ideological brain washing the people had been subjected to for 50 years by its dictator and skilled shoemaker is still present. Even the new generation, children and young people are systematically exposed to the poison of collectivism and of the fight against individualism. The ineffable corruption, the still continuing exploitation, the lack of economic progress, the insurmountable oppression of emancipation make the people entirely disoriented.
We have a pseudo-democracy, the author Erwin Kessler says, there is a false open-mindedness and a seeming diversity of opinion.

Ceaucescu was a patriot?

At dawn the exhumation of the remains of the couple Ceausescu took place, enforced by the family. They wanted to have clarified, if there actually were the mortal remains of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu in the coffin. Followers, especially pensioners, appeared in front of the cemetery gate and furiously shouted that “Ceausescu was a patriot” and “under Ceausescu nobody had to starve”. The new rulers were no patriots. They shovelled in huge private fortunes, in order to send them abroad.

Conducator Nicolae Ceausescu

The communist dictatorial leader ruled Romania as party leader (1965) and as president of the state in the years from 1974 to 1989. He called himself “Conducator” (leader) and ran the country by oppression, personality cult and nepotism influenced by Stalinism. His wife Elena participated from this plenitude of power, while the people suffered from his terror. He struggled for independence from Moscow and refused the reform policy of Michail Gorbatschow, the head of the Soviet Union.
The creation of the Securitate was one of the domestic political measures he took. Today it is called SRI and has kept its methods. By means of the secret police any opposition was nipped in the bud. 

Blood of babies for a maniac dictator

Ceausescu had his blood exchanged by the blood of children, in order to remain young. The maniac party and state leader maintained a blood bank with pitifully crying babies lined up on sterile tables for at least 5 years. If there was not enough “supply” they made use of the numerous orphanages all over the country or even of the maternity wards. Some children were “tapped” too much. They died or suffered from serious brain damages. The pictures of the situation in the Romanian orphanages could be seen all over the world.
Father Don Demidoff, Independent Catholic priest and member of the International Council of Community Churches USA, left Amsterdam and went to Romania. He has established and run homes for abandoned and street children for 20 years. By means of a welfare center he has been caring for pauperized gypsy children of the 5 adjacent villages since the beginning of 2010. They are provided with food and medical care. In the middle of Europe there are still children starving and suffering. Many children from the public orphanages are in prison today – a vicious circle they cannot escape from. Demidoff has been appointed pastor by the National Administration of Penitentiary and offers assistance to detainees in 40 Romanian prisons. He has restored the basilica from the 14th century in Iacobeni and dedicated it to ecumenism. 
Even that brought him much trouble, offenses and libels. In 20 years Demidoff has fought and carried on more than 80 lawsuits for the justice of the poor and oppressed, against corruption and harassment, for the maintenance of his work. He says that this country will still need many generations to free itself from the old indoctrination.
Being the president of the „League for the Renaissance of Moral Standing“ he has filed three claims against the Romanian state at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, among others due to torture.
Don Demidoff, Der Dornenpriester
Straßenpriester, Rebell und Provokateur
Don Demidoff, Der Dornenpriester (Priest of thorns)
Street priest, rebel and agitator
Editura Inimii, Str. Scolii 232, 557105 Iacobeni, Romania

By: DD