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June 17, 2010 You should leave your watch, mobile phone and laptop at home

News for people who are looking for a time-out or just for quiet for a few days in Transylvania The house of silence "Casa Linistii", the Casa Angelorum and the old venerable basilica in the romantic Harbachtal in Romania Transylvania = behind the mountains. Here you find the village Iacobeni (Jakobsdorf/Jakabvalva) and here you find a little paradise: the "House of Silence". Beside the dignified basilica *** from the 12th century which has been completely renovated inside this estate is beautifully located above the village, a village where it seems as if the time has stood still. In all seasons it is an oasis for a time-out or a rest period for some days or a month, maybe even for a whole year. You should leave your watch, mobile phone and laptop at home, not receive any messages, not find a restaurant or a discotheque. Just walk in the undulating woods and pure air, climb in the Carpathians. The basilica, the little hotel "Casa Linistii" and the hostel "Don Bosco" are a unit and belong together. If you want to stay here for a night or several days you will get rid of your everyday stress and find yourself. Running away from yourself always means taking yourself along with you. It is good, if you arrive here together with yourself. The "House of Silence" is the house for individualists. Even disabled may ask for personal assistance here. Talk with the Father about everything and anything, enjoy a good Romanian wine, once again read a book till the end (maybe the book of the Father "Priest of Thorns") or write a book or just a poem yourself, a reconciliation or love letter planned for a long time. Be all alone in the old castle church (XIV. century) and meditate with religious music. Re-start, find yourself, look for God, pray once again ... re-learn humility in the poor village and realize on which high level people in the West are lamenting. Looking for contact with simple people and learn how the gypsies still have to live. Pray with the monks in an orthodox monastery or visit historic cities. Think about your life or just do nothing. Peace for the soul, relax your body, breathe deeply, release your loads, dream. Forget the world and the time, sleep late, wake up over the roofs of Iacobeni, have your breakfast at any time of the day. Basilica and guesthouse are managed by young people, former street children of the Casa Don Bosco. They here learn to look after the guest in order to give them a future. Possible revenue is for the benefit of our welfare center with medical office for pauperized and starving gypsy children in the 5 surrounding villages. Thus you can do something good with your trip and nevertheless enjoy it. In the hostel "Don Bosco" there are rooms for groups (motorcyclists and bikers) with a self supply kitchen. 10 Euro per person and bed with your own sleeping bag respectively 12 Euro with hotel bedding. Breakfast for 5 Euro. In the hotel "Casa Linistii" and "Casa Angelorum" there are comfortable rooms with three beds each, 59 Euro including breakfast. 15 % off for stays of 3 days, 25 % off for stays for one week. There is a small kitchen as well, if you want to cook something for yourself. You may have the menu of the day and the supper in the refectory (dining hall) on your own or with together with others. If the weather is fine meals can be taken on the terrace with beautiful panorama view. In the big garden of the vicarage there is a swimming pool. The houses are smoke-free, smoking is allowed in the TV room and outdoors only. Iacobeni is located 60 km from Sibiu airport (European Cultural Capital of 2007). There are direct flights from Munich, Cologne and London. There is an international train station in Sighishoara (medieval castle) 30 km from Iacobeni (change of trains in Budapest). You can order to get picked up by us from airport or train station. We even organize day trips for you. Welcome to Transylvania Phone +40 269 513 513 Fax +40 269 513 444 *** Basilica: Independent Catholic Church. International Council of Community Churches. Only ecumenical church in Romania