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February 20, 2010 Foundation Casa Don Bosco

Since two weeks the foundation Casa Don Bosco has realized a welfare center for pauperized children. We distribute 150 loafs of bread and other food to the children per week, who still starve and suffer in the year 2010. We take care of their hygiene and their medical condition and are going to start a medical office for these children. This caritas and social welfare work has been determined in the regulations since 1992 as well as it is confirmed by the court in Fagaras. The children (about 150) in the five villages Iacobeni, Noistad, Stejeris, Movile and Netus are in an unbelievable condition. The gypsy families often live with 10 - 12 members in a hut with a small room on a loamy floor and starve. Further families have asked us for help for their children. Together with the social worker and the medical assistent of the town hall we have personally visited all families. Unfortunately the town hall has kept secret many dramatic cases - I do not know yet why. Many gypsies gathered in front of the houses we visited and could not understand that they were not listed. Many children and young people suffer from diseases which have not been monitored by a doctor since their birth (e. g. epilepsy, language disorder, spastic convulsions, eye problems, hepatitis, diabetes etc.) We have begun to bring these children to the hospital and to accompany them, to pay for the medication, although this should be free for these people. But even this is a lie, like so much over here. The people here do not even have money to go by bus to the next city and pharmacy in Agnita. Actually we had planned to set up a canteen, but had to learn that the children in spite of being hungry either refuse or are not unable to hold normal food, because they are not used to them. In these miserable huts they almost exclusively eat white beans, bread and potatoes, water gruel made from bones. If you ask the gypsies why they still "produce" more and more children after the 10th, you always get the same answer: They cannot do anything against it, because it is God who wants them to do it. They believe that a child is not begotten by the sexual act, but by God himself. Here educational work is urgently needed, but how...? Shall we - besides food - give them condoms, too? Is that the task of a priest? Please tell me, what you think about that. Many children are born into the same misery, they do not go to school and do not have any chance for a future. Their situation does not change! Even they will beget children in the same dirt (girls often already at the age of 12) and even these will make again for a miserable future of the next generation. How many generations shall this go on like this? I send this information to the board of the Ecumenical Service prior to the Easter mailing. I recommend the Ecumenical Service to adjust the regulation to those of the foundation, as the purpose of the foundation has not changed. Moreover, I send you a photo documentation per mail in advance. Now that the grown-up children have left the home after 20 years (although we have to care for many of them from the distance and even financially), I consider the welfare center an urgent task, as long as I have left some life time. Due to my medical condition this task can be realized easier by me and my assistants, as for me it is no longer possible to be surrounded by children for 24 hours. This even seems to be normal in biological terms, as in every family the grown-up children leave their parent's home some day. Moreover, I have already written several times that the maintenance of the home can not be realized anymore and debts run up more and more due to the inflationary costs for current, gas and staff. The purchase of one of our houses, in order to get rid of the debts of 30,000 Euro, could not be realized yet, and it seems that in these times of crisis it will not be possible to realize it for a long time. This does not mean that the new focus means an easier kind of work. Of course I have to force myself to creep into the huts, but I can decide on visiting times on my own. Even for that we need a lot of money. At your next visit you will be able to convince yourself of this inferno. The libeling is being continued in the meantime. Now, they e.g. claim that I have drawn up the document of the hospital in Aachen - confirming my risk of death anytime soon - myself. These people stop at nothing. Of course there is not a word of the numerous letters of congratulations of the personalities over here, where they confirm and praise the work. We had published these letters for this very reason ( Of course they do not suit the criminal line. God bless you! Yours, PD February 2, 2010