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July 26, 2009 How can I move your hearts?

I put my doubts and my urgent requests in your kind hands, you who have been at our side for even 20 years already. I had the audacious dream that everyone of you who receives this letter, you too, would send 100 € at least, and we could survive until December once again. I even know about your worries, but nevertheless, many complain on a high level. Dear friends, how can I move your hearts? Please help me in my doubts. What shall I tell my children? For our young people I have established a monthly paper last year ( For there are no qualified jobs over here, we had begun to train them on office, computer, editorial work, sales and marketing by “learning by doing”. We even looked for investors, but how to find them in these times? Most probably in August we will publish the last edition…?! How God actually acts and reacts, you can see from the following letter, a document I received in April this year. Ratan got in touch with me after many years. He is going to be a Greek-Catholic priest***. Moreover I attach a letter which Ratan wrote to our donators many years ago. Not knowing why, I printed too many back then. Thus I attach the original of this old note for you. Now I am waiting for your soon reaction. In the past you never have let me down. I so much hope that you will generously open your heart again and your wallet either? Yours, Father Don Demidoff ICCC Beggar for the abandoned children for 20 years ****. ****and for the gypsy children in Iacobeni (sometimes up to 250 children on Sundays), the begging children in the cities, the children of the tortured prisoners in the Romanian prisons and for the tortured themselves. The attached document, the letter of Ratan, I read in tears. Not everything has been in vain then? God’s answer? First I did not know what to do. Am I allowed to publish such a letter? Nevertheless: “If you save one life, you save the whole world.” (Talmud) Instead of the quarterly „heart paper“, this time I am just able to send you my letter, we are not able to afford the expenses for the printing anymore. The worldwide crisis has a good grip on us as well. We wanted to sell one of the houses of our foundation, but currently there is nobody who wants to buy such a big house. How can we stand this stress? What shall we tell the children? My heart is tired and sad. What does God want to tell us, if we are not allowed to survive? It is the twentieth year now that I am in Romania. I came when to many left and wanted to leave. That was why I was suspect. I began my humanitarian work, unselfishly, according to Ceausescu this was suspect. And as a Catholic Priest I claimed to be celibate. In a country, where the orthodox priests are married, this was still more suspect. I have been persecuted, beaten, threatened to death, arrested, libelled here and abroad, I have permanently been harassed, offended. ** Again and again they brought me to court or I had to go to court, in order to survive together with my children. By the grace of God I have won 80 lawsuits during the recent 20 years. Persecuted by the Securitate (state security). Still today my lines are tapped. My closest assistant Viorel was paid by the Securitate and reported to them even the most intimate things. In this still corrupt country I had to send the marshal to the minister of the interior and to the minister of health, in order to execute a garnishment. Oh, this corruption 20 years after the “revolution”. On top of the corruption are the politicians, then the police and the doctors. Without paying baksheesh to the doctor you should make your will. And the people are humiliated and embittered more than ever. How much money has Europe put into this country until today? Where are the billions gone? Many wish for the dictator to come back. Romania, member of the European Union has the highest rate of inflation. The secretary of the National agency for child protection in Romania, Iliena Savu, has admitted that the number of children who are abandoned by their families has increased to 100 % again: “Take my child, I am not able to feed it anymore.” Thus we are back in the year 1989 again, the year of the so called revolution. What does God want to tell us, why does he allow for that? Why? Even a priest lives with his doubts…