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October 3, 2008 All over the world: Children are abused

The upper „milieu“ pays astronomical sums for stolen babies. All over the world children are dealt with, children are kidnapped, abused and killed. It is the organized crime, a network of horror, where even public and juristic authorities are involved in or just keep silent and close their eyes. More than 2,000 children (two thousand!) vanish in Germany alone per year. The offenders are pedophiliacs, too, but even so called Satanists, who abuse and murder the kidnapped children for their perverse rites. All over the world children are raped, tortured and babies are sold to “clients of the upper “milieu” at maximum prices. German Janett Seemann was witness of dramatic occurrences in France and made a report of crimes against children in Europe. Seemann witnessed a wave of oppression, initiated by French authorities. A misused child and its mother asked in vain for protection by the authorities. These judge the horror the child described them to be lies. How is it possible, Seemann asked, that a democratic country like France acts like a terrorist dictatorship in this regard? There is silence about this problem all over Europe and all over the world. Even by internet networks there is a human trafficking, which in an alarming extent especially affects children. And there are even parents who integrate their children into these networks. In this way more and more children are sold for prostitution, raped, tortured and murdered. The clients of these networks are beasts, which own the financial means, astronomical sums, to wallow in the horror they do to these children. Is it true that these networks in Europe enjoy impunity, even protection by the highest level of public institutions? When will this debauched and perverse business be finally stopped? Photograph and video productions are secretly sold at unimaginable prices. Video productions, called “snuff movies” are offered at prices up to 30,000 Euros and even serve for blackmailing. On these videos you can watch babies being burnt with cigarettes and torture with flat irons, electrodes and knives. These horror networks are the consequences of organized crime. Organized crime joins criminal organizations, which have one aim: to grub so much money as possible without any morality. The means are corruption, exposure, blackmailing, threatening and terror even against public authorities. This network works internationally. On a found CD-ROM there is a considerable list of names of this network. The German government has received this evidence in 1998, but did not react. Even the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union were alerted at that time. It happened the same way like it did to Father Don Demidoff, the president of the League for the Renaissance of Moral Standing in Romania, who insistently made all the European committees aware of the torture in Romanian prisons. The petitions end up in bureaucracy, are garbled and sabotaged.

    On the found CD the following pictures among others could be seen:
  • A naked child, chained up with iron chains and tortured with a flat iron.
  • A woman, putting her child over her knee and beating it with an object on its bare behind
  • A child in the hay, which is cut its throat.
  • A naked child, its thighs and calves tied together, its eyes bandaged and hanged up at its wrists
  • A naked, gagged child, its wrists and ankles tied together
  • A man holding the head of a child and biting its face
  • A gagged child with a sadomasochism accessory in its mouth

Why do the people all over Europe keep silent? Why are there still parents, who neglect their children due to ignorance and who do not protect them. Being Christians it is our duty to speak up for these children. It is our duty to urge the heads of state to finally take action against this nefarious mafia. Father Don Demidoff ICCC Independent Catholic Church Basilica Iacobeni / Jakobsdorf / Jakabfalva House of Silence, Iacobeni Casa Don Bosco for abandoned children, Cincu League for the Renaissance of Moral Standing in Romania, Agnita Editor "Meine Zeitung – ziarulmeu – my newspaper", Agnita Publisher of the Heart: Author of the book: "Der Dornenpriester (Priest of thorns)" ISBN 973-0-03816-3 Direct order in Germany: "Preotul cu Coroana de Spini" ISBN 973-0-03815-5 Direct purchase in Romania: Book Shop Schiller + Book Café Erasmus, Sibiu