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September 26, 2008 Persecution of Christians is “modern”

China, Saudi-Arabia, India, Denmark, Belgium, Germany. And in Europe we shy away cowardly? Crucifixes and icons forbidden at schools in Romania? The Olympic Games are over. From August 8 to 24, 2008, we viewed a spectacle like almost never before. China showed a face like never before: culture and show and sports. But what is about the human rights in the people’s republic? Does China open for criticism at the persecutors and torturers? Human rights organizations are afraid of a drastic deterioration of the situation of unwelcome Chinese people instead of alleviation. They say that the Olympic Games have been the starting signal for a new form of the “cultural revolution”. The communist party will under no circumstances give up its claim to power. 40 years ago more than 20 millions of people were murdered, 34,000 Christians among them. The new communists are cunning and the worlds has enjoyed the sport games. Who over here knows that during the games it was not allowed to meet for prayer and that the contact with foreigners was prohibited. Dissidents were deported from Peking to distant parts of the country and even imprisoned in working camps. Business as usual? The only difference is that the world was a guest and shied away from setting limits. Of course, athletes and tourists were allowed to celebrate special church services. But all the others who want to pray where and when they like to were and are suppressed without mercy. The Chinese nomenclature was not a bit impressed by the world public. And during the Paralympics, the Olympic Games of the challenged people from September 6 to 17, nothing had changed either. Prior to the games China had made a promise of improvement of the situation of human rights. A worthless promise, just as we are used to hear from communists. For even the Buddhist Tibetans and the Muslim Uyghurs are chased and persecuted. Experts expect further arrestments, employment bans and even executions. All over the world Christians are persecuted. In Saudi-Arabia and in India two Christians were brutally murdered due to their belief. In Riad a Muslim father killed his daughter after she had converted to Christianity. First he cut her tongue, then he burned her alive. Fanatic Muslims believe that their prophet Mohammed wants everybody to be killed who leaves the Islam. In Saudi-Arabia the Islam is the state religion, to which 99 per cent of the people belong. In India a Catholic priest, who was a missionary and a social worker, fell victim to a murderous attack. His body was scarred with 33 stabs. Insiders suspect military Hindus to have committed this crime. Even a Catholic archbishop was prevented from inaugurating a medical center for AIDS patients. Out of the 1.1 billions of inhabitants there, 82 % are Hindus, 12 % are Muslims and 3 % are Christians. In India 15,000 Christians are on the run. In the federal state Orissa the houses of Christians are destroyed, 400 churches have been set on fire and sacked, priests and nuns are dragged from their cars and bashed. The cars are set on fire. Before the very eyes of the police people are hacked to pieces and nuns are raped. A priest was crucified in front of his own church by a wrought-up crowd. How and who defends his belief here? The creeping islamization in Europe (Father Don Demidoff himself had been forced to the Anti-Discrimination-Council, see Sibiu Standard of ………………………..) And our Western decadency gives up our Christian values and shies away from the impertinences of the Islam. Everything and anything is immediately taken for an offense against Islam and they are not obliged to observe our laws. We accept Islamic Shariah courts over here and polygamy is blindly declared an enrichment of our culture. Catholic nuns have to take off their religious cloths, but Islamic women more and more often appear in their cages made of fabric. Now even milder punishment for honor killings among Muslims is under discussion. These honor killings are said to be necessary for the re-establishment of the honor of a murderer or his family. In Denmark the first church now pays protection money to Muslims in order to better secure the churchgoers from violation. All over Europe, now in Cologne in Germany, monumental churches are built and consecrated to the historical well-known haters of Christianity and the politicians applaud. The newly built “Fatih-Sultan-Mosque” is named after Sultan Mehmet II., who had Christians staked and beheaded. Sometime our mistaken tolerance will make us be surprised and applaud to our own executions. If in an orthodox country like Romania it is no longer allowed to hang up crucifixes, the creeping process of persecution of Christians has begun long ago. In the European capital Brussels 57 % of the newborns are Muslims. The local university Leuven claims that Brussels will be a Muslim town in about 15 years. Where shall the Christians go to then? Thus there will be no cultural dispute, as we already now yield to any pressure of the Muslims. If some day our children begin to ask very unpleasant questions, it will be too late to stop the creeping Islamization, says the German author Ulfkotte in his book “The creeping Islamization of Europe”. Recently Ulfkotte had to seek shelter, to move to a secret place and ask for police protection, because he had been covered with threats on his life by militant Muslims. Pater Don Demidoff ICCC