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September 19, 2008 It happened seven years ago

On September 11, 2001, terrorists paralyze the whole world Airplanes attack two towers and 3,000 people die Were these just coincidences? Notes from my friends of the International Council of Community Churches in America It is a coincidence that the whole WTC complex has changed its owner respectively tenant for the first time in its history exactly 6 weeks before September 11, that Larry Silverstein has immediately effected an insurance especially againts terror attacks, and that such a terror attack actually happens, what makes him get a compensation of 4.7 billion Dollars. It is a coincidence that the staff of the White House, including Bush and Cheney, has taken the antidote Cipro one month before the anthrax attack in Washington. It is a coincidence that three months before September 11 the protocol for the case of a hijacking has been changed in the way that only the Secretary of Defense, the vice president or the president are allowed to give a firing permission. Before then the air force command was allowed to decide about a firing much faster and by themselves. It is a coincidence that Mohammed Atta got a money transfer in the amount of 100,000 Dollars from the Pakistan Secret Service one week before September 11. It is a coincidence that during the week before remarkably high stock transactions have been executed, betting on the falling prices of exactly those companies, which suffered losses on September 11, all that indicating insider trading. It is a coincidence that the brother of President Bush, Jep Bush, the former governor of Florida, signed an order on September 7, four days before the attack, which allowed for martial law in this state. It is a coincidence that at the weekend before September 11 for the first time the whole electricity was cut off in the WTC complex for 30 hours, according to Scott Forbes, and that therefore all security systems were out of order, the building full of unknown craftsmen, who did their work and went in and out without any checks. It is a coincidence that on September 11, the head of the Pakistan Secret Service met with the top level people of the Pentagon and the White House in Washington. It is a coincidence that the brother of Osama Bin Laden, Shafig Bin Laden, stayed in Washington just this morning and was present at the shareholders’ meeting of the Carlyle Group, of which he and the father of the president are jointholders, and of which President George W. Bush had previously been a director. It is a coincidence that in the WTC7 building fire alarm was cut off on September 11. It is a coincidence that next to the WTC buildings an emergency response drill had been planned for September 11. It is a coincidence that on September 11 all in FIVE military exercises took place, which simulated scenarios, in which even hijacked planes were used as weapons dashing into buildings. These were Operation Global Guardian, Operation Nothern Vigilant, Operation Vigilant Guardian, Operation Nothern Guardian and Operation Vigilant Warrior. It is a coincidence that of all bags the one of Mohammed Atta remained at the airport and did not get on board, containing his testament, a Koran, flight manuals and other “revealing” evidence. It is a coincidence that on September 11 President Bush stayed far away in Florida, Rumsfeld could not be found and Cheney did not give the firing order in spite of the information that an unknown airplane was heading for Washington. It is a coincidence that all of the four hijacked airplanes could uncontrolledly stay in the American air space for a very long time without being discovered, pressed and shot down by the best air defense of the world. It is a coincidence that at 8.45 a. m. Boston Radar Control, monitoring flight 11 and 175, got an anonymous bomb threat by phone, causing a lot more chaos among the radar staff. It is a coincidence that later on an anonymous bomb threat reached Cleveland Radar Center either, which controlled flight 93. It is a coincidence that the passport of the suspected hijacker of flight 11, Satam Al Suqami, survived the impact at a speed of 800 kms/h into the South Tower, then did not burn in the fireball, then was about one hour in the burning building, then even survived the complete crash and the pulverization of the tower and then finally absolutely intact flapped down to the remains at Ground Zero, in order that a policeman would find it. It is a coincidence that contrary to the passport made of paper the black boxes of both of the planes which flew into the WTC buildings could not be found, although they are manufactured extremely imperishable in order to survive any crash. It is a coincidence that both of the WTC towers crashed in an absolutely identical, perfect and symmetrical velocity of fall and exploded to dust, although they had been hit absolutely different and even at different levels. The impact to the North Tower took place in the mid of the front, between the 94. and the 98. floor, the South Tower was hit diagonally on the side between the 78. and the 84. floor, what did not damage the buttresses in the center. It is a coincidence that just those floors were hit, where craftsmen had treated the steel girders with a new fire protection shortly before. It is a coincidence that the tower which was hit second crashed first. It is a coincidence that President Bush just remained sitting unaffectedly in the school in Sarasota and continued reading a book with the children, although his chief of staff whispered in his ear “America is being attacked!” It is a coincidence that only a few weeks after September 11 the US Army already bombed Afghanistan and was able to march in, although regarding logistics it usually needs many months of preparation for such an overseas operation. It is a coincidence that the FBI does not search for Bin Laden at all, because according to their own information they do not have any evidence relating him to September 11. It is a coincidence that the whole American Army and all Western secret services have not been able to find Bin Laden during seven long years. It is a coincidence that CNN and BBC reported about the crash of the WTC7 building already one hour before it happened, although at that time it was still standing, and they so seemed to be clairvoyants. It is a coincidence that on this day WTC7 crashed third in a perfect and symmetrical velocity of fall, although there was no plane at all flying into it and therefore even no aviation fuel could cause a steel melting fire. It is a coincidence that never before September 11 and never afterwards a multistory building has crashed due to fire, although there were skyscrapers which were ablazing up to 20 hours. It is a coincidence that of all offices those of the US defense department, of the US secret service CIA, of the US Secret Service, of the US finance department, of the US Securities and Exchange commission SEC and of the emergency command center of mayor Giuliani, which had been established especially for the handling of terrorist attacks, were all located in WTC7 and destroyed by the sudden collapse of the building seven hours after the attacks. It is a coincidence that all steel girders were quickly removed from the place of the most serious criminal act and as scrap iron were shipped to China, so that every evidence for investigating the cause of the crash were destroyed. It is a coincidence that some of the suspected hijackers were living on American military bases, owned drivers’ licences issued to these addresses and had been trained there. It is a coincidence that only a few days after September 11 members of the Bin Laden family staying in the US back then were allowed to leave the country together with members of the Saudi Arabian royal family on private planes and with the special permission of the president, although nobody else was allowed to fly at all. Is it a coincidence that our donators in whole Europe were so much paralyzed that we did not get a single Euro anymore, but on this very day a generous donation reached us from America?