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September 10, 2008 Reflections of a Catholic “Heretic”

Reflections of a Catholic “Heretic” and the sale of the churches Dissociated from the pope, persecuted and defamed by the German bishops, threatened by the Romanian archbishop. And God? Has he retired? More and more churches in Western Europe have to be closed and sold, because the believers are leaving their churches in droves. The churches are sold and misused: they are desecrated. At the same time the religious life in Romania is flourishing, at least in regard of the numerous buildings of churches and monasteries. But even the neo-Protestants and Evangelicals in Latin America enjoy strong growth. The greatest misfortune for the Catholic church in “modern” Europe are the consequences of the Second Vatican Council. After 40 years it has to be reported that this council has swept away the traditional believers from the churches. But not only the believers. Even the priests, who adhered to the old doctrine and celebrated the old services, who renounced modernism, were mobbed away. Not even the pope knows what has happened to them. When Pope Benedict XVI by a decree returned the ”old” Holy Tridentine Mass, he did not ask, what has happened to my old true priests, who have defended the true doctrine at the risk of losing their whole being and who have been exposed to the scorn and derision of the modernists. I have even personally asked the pope what has happened to me and these priests. But who I am that the pope would give an answer to me or let somebody else do so. The germ of modernism of the council makes the Catholic church in Europe die and prevents a true ecumenism. The germ primarily consists of two stupendous errors, which the council wants to make us believe in. The first one is the attack on the real presence of God in this world. The Christian, true scriptural notion of God of the eternal tradition has been destroyed and substituted by the idea that God is anybody anywhere who abandones the world to its own development and fate. The germ which wants to make us believe that God has retired. Thus the absoluteness, sovereignity and exclusivity of God has been queried. Stupid, because the intramundane presence of God and his rule over the whole cosmos are the main characteristics, are the identity of the divine being. But if God according to these self-proclaimed new apostels is a construct only, just an abstract idea, if he does not intervene in the lives of the individuals or even in the development of peoples (if he wants to intervene), then there has not been an incarnation of God, i. e. Jesus was a false prophet? Meaning that there is no church, no orthodox, no Catholic or Protestant. Then every sacrifice is a nothing. Then annunciation, the pope or patriarch, even the sacraments are cultural nonsense only. The second serious germ has affected the human itself. The great Hispanic philosopher Donoso Cortés warned of this germ, too. Accordingly the human is good from the beginning? He is not burdened with the original sin? He is conceived immaculately, born immaculately? Not even the most severe atheist would claim that. In this case the human does not need salvation. Does he need no education, no furtherance of his inner qualities either? Those who think and talk like this deny the Cross, deny the virtue of the holy missal sacrifice, which is yet more than a protestant supper and to which I have remained true in the Netherlands even after my leaving of a Roman-Catholic monastery and in spite of personal persecution and suspicions. The eternally valid holy missal sacrifice, the celebration of expiation, which is derided by the Catholic modernists. The German Bishops’ Conference has been persecuting me in such a unchristian way until today, that you have to ask yourself, to which religion these gentlemen, whom I have called ”red cap mafia” for several times, belong. These nice gentlemen follow the depraving modernists and their germs. According to this penance is a stupendous error, asceticism mortification and self denial exercise for schizophrenics. Who believes them that accordingly all humans are good, philantropic, peaceable or even lovable? The French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (+ 1778) has in many ways influenced the philosophy and the modern theology. According to this idea the education principle of authority has to disappear, although we miserably failed with this anti-authoritarian idea in Summerhill. The fight against bad dispositions, against sin and evil, reprehension and punishment have to disappear?? According to this principle we do not have any bogeyman images anymore and commit ourselves to an illusionary pacifism. What is about Georgia, Iran, Iraque, Afghanistan, just to name a few, where is there pacifism? The second germ, however, misleads us into an absolute and unlimited belief in progress, into a boundless optimism in salvation, into a belief in an universal agreement and consent with all humans and peoples. Does the global world not look different already now? Does it not look like crash, apocalypse actually? Where is the paradise on earth. Long live all the illusions! In this situation the Second Vatican Council has brought the greatest misfortune of the century upon us. The decay and sale of the Catholic church. Thus the orthodox church today very well knows that they must not contract these germs and introduce dubious modernizations. In an orthodox church service you feel the breath of religious history. By the Second Vatican Council the Catholic church has introduced the whole mentality of the modern age, an insincere liberality and an abstruse moral, maybe has even stipulated it. Is it too late now or is there no ”too late” for God? Pope Pius X has characterized modernism as a melting pot of all heresies. Already in 1969 I left this melting pot and joined the Independent Catholic Church USA, which denies the authority of the council popes. Pope Benedict XVI would be well-advised to get back his truly faithful followers into the church, to express a big-hearted fatherly invitation to priests and separated priest groups and to believers who during the last 4 decades have disappointedly diverged from the Holy See. That would stop the sale of churches on the real estate market and many hurt souls would be healed. When at the beginning of the 1990s I made an appearance at the Europe station n-TV and had the opportunity to talk about the Romanian children and my situation for half an hour, the German Bishops’ Conference breathed ”fire and brimstone”. ”How is it possible”, they asked the station, ”that this swindler is allowed to appear in your show?” The station answered them that ”it would be better, if the Bishops’ Conference rather cared about the street children than to make life miserable for Don Demidoff”. Nevertheless, adopt the ”red caps” have not given up until today. The internet is full of libels against the priest of thorns. And again and again there are imitators, who adopt their texts and behind whom they hide. These in turn use anonymous servers in Malaysia and the US and false names. Why? Because German, Swiss and Romanian courts have imposed penalties for the publication of these libels. With the compensation money obtained by these court decisions I have restored the old venerable Basilica in Iacobeni in Romania and integrated into the International Council of Community Churches USA. Therefore I feel satisfaction at the fact that the libelling bishops have indirectly financed this independent Catholic church.

The Vaticanum II (the Second Vatican Council) took place from October 11, 1962, until December 8, 1965. Since 1970 about 4 millions of Protestant Christians and 2,5 millions of Catholic Christians have left their churches. Father Don Demidoff has left the Roman-Catholic Church in 1969, after the celebration of the eternally valid Tridentine Holy Mass had been forbidden. This Holy Mass had been dogmatically determinated on the occasion of the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563): ”…who adds or omits something, shall be excluded.” According to the Catholic doctrine, however, a dogma never can be abolished.

Father Don Demidoff ICCC Independent Catholic Ecumenical Church, USA Basilica Iacobeni, XIV. Century President of the League for the Renaissance of Moral Standing in Romania President of the Foundation Casa Don Bosco for abandoned children Pastor in Romanian prisons Author of the book Der Dornenpriester (Priest of Thorns) ISBN 973-0-03816-3 Preot cu Corona de Spini ISBN 973-0-03815-5 Editia Inimii (Publisher of the heart), Str. Scolii 232, 557105 Iacobeni

By: DD