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Romania. Peace for Christmas? Categorically: No

Also at this Christmas the foundation Casa Don Bosco feels the hatred and the persecution of the old and the neo-communists.

For 17 years, especially at the holy Christmas, we have been overrun with special attacks and smear campaigns. That is the system in this country.

1. After we had denounced the practices of the commission for child protection at the president of the district council of Brasov, Aristotel Cancescu, it was not the commission for child "protection" which was inspected, but we, the claimants.

The result was delivered to us now two days before Christmas. It is shocking, how facts which are quite easy to be proven are deliberately perverted and how we, who have been dedicated to the abandoned children for 17 years, are accused to be criminals. It is hard to endure this hatred.

The foundation once again will bring a charge against the responsible Roxana Diaconu, head of the controlling body, and the councillor Gabriel Alexe, who supposedly holds a not unimportant office in the orthodox church, very well knowing that the communist mafia sticks together and nothing will happen to the defendants. Of course we will call in the European Parliament as well which already has accepted our claim against the torture in Romania.

2. Moreover, the prosecutor at the court of appeals in Brasov has delayed his investigations of our charges against the torture in Romania prisons for many months, but has laid the result on the table for presents of the ?League for the Renaissance of Moral Standing? just in time two days before Christmas. Roughly summarized all our claims are totally baseless, just the priest Don Demidoff and the tortured lie. They are even not afraid to invoke the Protestant pastor, Reginald Schlattner, who now and then visits prisoners, against the Catholic priest Demidoff. Supposedly Schlattner has witnessed towards the prosecutor?s office that the conditions are going better and better from year to year and that the claims are of no value. Schlattner has written spectacular books, telling of his own term of imprisonment at the times of the dictatorship and admitting that he had betrayed his fellow believers in prison. Brother, why do you do that? Do we in the succession of Christ not have to stand on the side of the suppressed and the ones without rights? We expect a definite clarification.

Christmas 2007: Peace to every human on earth

Who mocks the poor shows contempt for his Maker; and whoever gloats over disaster of another will not go unpunished.

(Verses 17,5)



Dear friends
A red bench in Lucerne

today I got your dear words, particularly this card with the red bench full of autumnal atmosphere. As red is said to whet the appetite, I put this card beneath my monitor and whenever I am so overtired, I will sit down on this bench, close my eyes and thank God that I am allowed to exhaust me in this way for HIM. Yes, my heart and my soul are tired and in the evening I often close my eyes sighing to HIM, that ?I would not be angry, if he did not let me wake up again tomorrow morning.?

It is true, my energy is gone, my legs do not want to carry me anymore, I have my wheelchair from the times after the horrible accident, when they wanted to get rid of me, prepared in case that one day they will not work any longer.

But then I still have your bench. Sometimes I just want to enter a train that never stops going. But then there are my children standingbefore me, some who had left but came back, because this is theirhome, as they say. But I cannot keep all of them. In every normal family the children leave when they are grown-up. We now have too many grown-ups here, for 17 years in the care of me.

The evil face of the communism which is still in power makes me mad. I am not able to hate, but in my tireness I am so mad. I cannot tell you everything they are still trying to do to me. Recently there was an International Assembly of Ecumenism. You will not believe, how I had been chased by the police?

In order to leave the town, (I had an own newspaper against lie and falsehood distributed), same on the occasion of the GermanFederal President some months ago. Then I had been shadowed by nine state security people. Many bishops are still spies of the Securitate. My lines are still tapped, I am still shadowed, because I tell the people the truth in my weekly column in the newspaper? Ziarul de Sibiu?.

And more and more of our loyal donators die, being donators for 17 now, so long they have been loyal and many are leaving us now. There are hardly new ones, the young generation is not sensitive any more. No, no, I do not write that in order to invoke your help. You have done a really great deal and just shown your sensitiveness by donating part of your fortune to us.

But the income is decreasing and the tasks are increasing. The abandoned children, which are grown-up and need a vocational education now, the children of the gypsies, the tortured, the prisoners, and more and more are coming from the whole country, sometimes on foot, sometimes by hitchhiking, here they see the last ray of hope, but I cannot help them...

And my soul is bleeding every time.
Now they want me to run for mayor in the nearby town of Agnita. The people are so sick and tired of  corruption. The people are no longer able to defend themselves.

We would need some new donators, but I do not know, where from. Would you please forgive me my sorrow, but you invited me to that red bench and so I had a chat.If there were some more people like you who now gave a part of their heritage to us, if there were?I have friends in Teufen, whom I am going to visit some time again, maybe I will beat your door just for some 10 minutes?

Yes, the pope has unbanned the old Holy Mass, that is true, but shall I cry or laugh? It is too late now, too much has been destroyed in church by the modernism and the empty services staged like plays. I have always been loyal to that Holy Mass against all resistances. Me and many others could only celebrate it outside the church: the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross. Sometimes I would like to leave for Rome and ask the Holy Father, what is going to happen with all the priests who had been loyal to this Holy Mass and therefore had to leave the church. What is going to happen with us? My sorrows are fading away!

May God be with you and I thank you with all my heart,You, my sister in our Lord Jesus Christ. Every now and then we will meet on your red bench, won?t we?

The police controls the newspaper which our altar servers are distributing



Inward wishes …

Father Don Demidoff ICCC wishes a happy, peaceful and healthy New Year 2007 to all his brothers, friends, sponsors, benefactors and donators. May your little wishes come true and may you all be able to keep the dreams of your big wishes.


I myself promise my unbowed and absolute dedication (in spite of a heart attack and diabetes) to the abandoned children of Cincu and to the maintenance of the Casa Don Bosco, their home, to the gypsy families and their children in Iacobeni and their pastoral care as well as the care for their staff of life, to the prisoners in the high-security prison in Codlea, which are held like animals. Some have to serve a sentence of 5 to 8 years in cells with 30 inmates because they were hungry and stole a bag of potatoes, to the renaissance of moral standing in Romania, against the antichrist, against the Mafia, against corruption, against disregard of human rights, especially of children.


Thereby I infinitely trust in the providence of God. But I also know that this providence has to be supported by my unlimited commitment and yours.


Account of charity in Romania for quick and direct help:

Don Demidoff

Raiffeisenbank Agnita

IBAN RO69RZBR0000060004467650


Priest of the Independent Catholic Church USA

Member of the Council of Community Church USA

President of the Foundation Sf. Don Bosco for abandoned children

President of the League for the renaissance of moral standing

Basilica of Iacobeni/Jakobsdorf

First und only ecumenical church in Romania

Pastor in the high-security prison in Codlea, Romania

Contact me:









1989: The execution of Ceausescu tyrants




Can you still remember these terrible images? 15 years ago: the Ceausescu tyrants from Romania were executed.

Tied with rope, the two husbands were killed by 30 bullets. These detestable tyrants’ corpses fell to the ground. This was the beginning of the so-called ”revolution”.


Immediately afterwards I went to Romania. I was especially and profoundly marked by the children that lived there. How could anyone ignore the facts? They were abandoned, rejected , chased away, abused, hit and beaten, lousy and dirty, sick, suffering from malnutrition and humiliation: nobody's children.


 Most of the times they didn’t even know their name, they didn’t have the strength to laugh or cry, they didn’t know what school and doctor were, they didn’t trust nobody and nobody trusted them. They lived by stealing, lying and begging, especially begging, and most of them were forced to beg by their own parents. They didn't know what love and affection were, especially what love was, and they had no idea about God.


The marks left by the two tyrants during the 40 years of dictatoship can still be noticed on the people’s faces, because time doesn't heal any type of wound. The scars are too deep. People’s minds and feelings have been seriously affected.  Nobody knows how many generations will have to pass in order for all the wounds to be healed..


I often find myself at my wits’ end because for 15 years I have been hopelessly fighting against a mentality marked by hatred and distrust, a mentality created by this communist indoctrination based on endless lies and thefts. 


The children from Don Bosco House have learned something entirely different. They have been well taken care of, accepted and loved for 15 years. They know their name and they have learned to laugh and cry. They found out that God knew them and loved them even before ”being born".



Due to the faith and help offered by many people from West Europe, these children did more than survive, they also developed their own personality. But what does the future have in store for them...?

We are facing serious problems. The European economic crises affected us severely. Donations were significantly reduced. We were forced to refuse many abandoned children, and if we don’t get help as soon as possible we will be forced to let some of them go, to send them back to the streets. I keep wondering how this country will be allowed to join the European Union so soon...

Yesterday a mother called me by to see her newborn child. According to some local preconceived beliefs the baby should not be taken outside six weeks after its birth. The baby was coughing, was breathing hard and could not stop from crying. Its mother had no milk and she was desperate. I could hardly refrain myself from crying.




2005 floods in Bucharest




I imagine that you don’t want to give up on us. I need your help. What should I say to "my" children? I know that Europe is going thorough rough times. For you the times are rough:…but at a different level. In Romania there is still a profound sorrow, especially in rural areas. The dictators were executed. But the sorrow they caused lives on. I hope you will have the chance to visit us.

I will show you that you needn’t be so worried about the living conditions from Europe. If only I could save more children...If only I could...

Please be merciful. God be with you.



In Romania, year 2005 was marked by floods, conflicts and violence, and now we are facing the fourth wave of floods. You can learn more about these events from the mass-media or maybe the media gives information only about such places in the world were the registered number of victims surpasses tens of thousands. But what about the  people who are left homeless, what about those that disappear without a trace, why doesn’t anybody talk about the victims form this country







Pater Don Demidoff ICCC