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May 21, 2007 Dear Mr. President Cancescu,

To the President of the Council of the District of Brasov

Mr. Aristoteles Cancescu

Council of the District of Brasov



Our foundation Casa Don Bosco


Dear Mr. President Cancescu,

This is to inform you that after the time of 16 years the foundation Casa Don Bosco will cease its service for abandoned children in the district of Brasov and therewith the service for the Romanian state and the further cooperation with the authorities of your district.


The remaining children of the district of Brasov will be delivered to the Protectia ?


within the next few months. Only children of other districts will remain in the foundation then.


For us it is out of all reason how it is possible that so many years after the so-called "revolution" people like Mrs. Tiharau and Mrs. Braniste are working in responsible positions of child protection. We have already stated very often how many offenses, harassment and humiliation by Mrs. Tiharau we have been exposed to during the recent 16 years, which have been committed due to base motives and a misanthropic ideology, i. e. the communism. Already 12 years ago we had to carry on a lawsuit against Mrs. Braniste. She is hysterical and incompetent. As a reward she now has achieved a responsible position in the Protectia ?


Qualified members of the management, however, such as the general director Luminita Olteanu, have been removed from the department due to their "wrong" membership books and the whole authority has suffered great damages.


Such is the communism. They get away with everything, they cover up for each other and they are not hold responsible for "belonging to it". But one of these days the arm of history will also reach these people, as Marius Oprea writes in his book.


As I said before, instead of a single word of thanks during these 16 years ? there were about 300 children whom we have fetched away from the street and temporarily there were more than 130 children living permanently in our house ? we were kicked. Not o n e word of thanks to the foundation and its donators from all over Europe, not to mention an appreciation or distinction. It is fatal that due to the so-called "Re-Integration-Law" the children now will end up on the street again. Our investments as there are capital, personal dedication, health and the abdication of a private life were all a waste-of-time. How many professionally educational and psychological recommendations we have given, which not even have been responded to. You know very well how many motivated foreigners have given up their commitments and went back home. We are still confronted with new unqualified and ideological laws and regulatory statutes, which prove the continuously existing ideology of communism.


When e. g. during the first years after 1991 we introduced the co-education in our house, we were called "perverse" by your authorities. Later on the European commissioners pointed out to you that not we but the communism is perverse and declared co-education to be obligatory. We have already written a book (Priest of thorns) listing blatant experiences. Would you also please read our newspaper article "Oh holy arrogance" (Ziarul de Sibiu).


There is a little comfort in this country in the year 2007: the endeavors for independence and true jurisdiction of the courts. We have won more than 80 cases during 16 years and also had to take out an execution against the ministers of health and of the interior for compensation for pain and suffering.


Wir machen Sie darauf aufmerksam, dass wir erwarten, dass die kommende Übergabe der Kinder ohne Beschuldigungen und ohne bürokratische Schikanen seitens Ihrer Behörden zu garantieren ist. Sollte die stellvertretende Direktorin Braniste uns wieder mit Beleidigungen und hysterischen Anfällen konfrontieren, bzw. sogar ihren Dienst verweigern, wissen wir die gesamte Palette der legalen Rechtsmassnahmen sofort einzuleiten.


We would like to point out that we expect you to guarantee that the coming delivery of the children will take place without any incriminations or bureaucratic harassment by your authority. If the deputy director Braniste is going to confront us with offenses and hysterics again, respectively even refuses her duty, we will initiate the whole raft of legal measures immediately.


After delivery of the children we, the League for the Renaissance of Moral Standing in Romania, will work out an investigation and once again prove, what has happened to t h e s e children, which have ended up on the street as abandoned children due to a crazy jurisdiction and communist practice.


This letter we send to all

European governments, as well as

to the President of the European Commission, Dr. José Barroso

to the President of the European Parliament, Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering

to the interim President of Romania????????????

to the Prime Minister of Romania ....................................................

to the prefect of the district of Brasov ..............................................

to the general director of the Protectia .................................................




Father Don Demidoff ICCC


Children of Romania

Since 1991, a German priest of an independent catholic church has been taking care of the poorest of the poor

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